Please note: we are not seeing clients in person. Distance Reiki Healings are available during the current period while we deal with the Coronavirus. Distance Healings can be even more powerful than in person as you are dealing directly with the energy/higher self. Please contact me on 018 575 840 if you would like further information or to arrange a distance healing.

Canberra Reiki – Mobile Treatments

There are many benefits to Reiki (please refer to our page on Reiki healing and Reiki workshops) however, many people who may find a Reiki treatment beneficial, for reasons such as chronic pain, incapacity or stress/anxiety, are unable to leave their home to attend a Reiki healing. Mary provides mobile Reiki treatments in Canberra and surrounds to allow you to fully relax and immerse in this gentle, non invasive healing modality that complements other forms of therapies and can do no harm.

A Reiki treatment is usually applied either on a massage/Reiki table or sitting in a chair and the practitioner places their hands lightly on, or just above your body in a sequence of positions, generally corresponding to the chakra system through the body. During a session, you may feel warmth or cold, a tingling sensation, you may see colours or images, or experience a rumbling tummy, feel sleepy or you may feel absolutely nothing, but know that the energy is still working where it is needed.

Mary Nougher – Reiki Master/Teacher
Mobile Reiki Canberra and
Reiki Workshops

Canberra Mobile Reiki Treatments with Mary are available as follows:

60 minute mobile Reiki in Canberra: $95
30 minute mobile Reiki in Canberra: $60

Mary also offers mobile massage and manual lymphatic drainage treatments for the same prices as above.

Reiki is a beautiful addition to your Canberra mobile massage treatment.

30 min Reiki plus 30 minute mobile massage in Canberra: $95
30 min Reiki plus 60 minute mobile massage in Canberra: $140

Distant healings are also available for Reiki, many clients find these sessions even more powerful than an “in person” Reiki session, as it is a pure connection to the energy. Please contact Mary for further information and pricing.